Small Business Marketing Tips

Happy Friday the 13th! While for most the day is a symbol of bad luck, some countries (such as Italy) consider 13 a lucky number. With Italian in our Becks Digital blood, we’ve decided to put together a list of 13 ways small businesses can think more positively about their marketing and turn this day into something to celebrate – more customers!

1. Be your brand (and be strict!)

This is such an important part of any business. You need to become your brand. Decide on a tone of voice and stick to it. Are you casual but professional? Do you use emojis? Does all of your paperwork look and feel the same? Consistency is key. When your customers start to identify with your brand, you become more memorable, and therefore your customers are more likely to recommend you. Hello? More business leads!

2. Keep social media active

When it comes to social media, you make the rules for your business. But one thing which you have to be is present. Be available, answer questions, reply to messages quickly and just look alive! If you find it difficult to find time to post on social media, sit down on a Sunday evening and schedule all of your posts for the week ahead. And if you’re an all-round social media dinosaur, set up email notifications so that you know exactly when someone has commented or messaged – or pay someone to do it for you (we do that, by the way)

3. Write blog posts!

You are the expert of your business and your customers could do with a sprinkle of your expertise from time to time. Don’t make things too difficult for yourself, write one blog post per month until you feel more confident, then boost it up to two. Inform your customers why they may need your product or service. Not only do blog posts help with business leads, but they also add to your SEO (helping you to bump up the all important Google rankings ladder)

4. Optimise optimise optimise

It sounds much scarier than it is, I promise. It’s all about the keywords (well it’s not, but it’s a really good place to start) and there’s loads of articles out there which can help you to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But if you’re not confident enough, or don’t have the time, there’s plenty of companies like Becks Digital who can do this for you and help you move up the rankings and list closer to the top of Google.

5. Know your audience

We cannot stress the importance of this enough. What some of our clients do is create an avatar of their customer, give the avatar a name, list what the avatar is interested in, where they live, whether they’re home owners or students or like the Becks Digital audience, small business owners. Know what time these customers are online, know their habits and what’s important to them. Write it all down, and then use these demographics to target your audience.

6. Cleanse your database

Keep on top of your database and don’t let things get too messy. Organisation sits at the very core of efficiency, and ultimately if your customer records are clean and up to date, then marketing becomes much more simple. Dedicate one day every quarter to cleanse your database, add in all of the products and services each customer has had so that you can segment your customers much easier, especially for email marketing campaigns.

7. Try Facebook advertising

We’re a big fan of trying everything at least once (don’t take this too literally). Small businesses can grow quickly using the correct Facebook marketing techniques and one of them is advertising. Don’t just rush into this. Give yourself an hour or two to sit down and choose your demographics carefully (refer back to your avatar!) and apply a small amount of money.

8. Build a marketing strategy

Tedious, boring, we’ve heard it all. Start with the very basics; what are your key objectives and how are you going to achieve them? Who is your audience? Who are your competitors? What platforms are you going to use? Write it all down in a one page document and keep it at hand to make sure you’re staying on track and working toward your goals.

9. Ask for recommendations

When you do business with somebody, ask them to recommend your business on your social media pages, or perhaps send them a quick document which asks them to write a quick testimonial which you can share with your following. If nothing else, this helps to build your credibility (and make you feel good!).

10. Know your competitors

And just as importantly as knowing your audience, it’s knowing who your competitors are and what they’re doing. The small business world is extremely competitive (we know that it’s why we have to work so hard!) but just keep a tab on where their leads are coming from and why customers are choosing them over you.

11. Look after your website

Update your website when something changes and don’t leave age-old content sitting around getting dusty. Be ruthless and have a Spring clean when necessary. You wouldn’t let your shop window grow cobwebs (would you?!) so don’t let your online shop window do the same.

12. Leverage your community

The small business community in your local area is not small, it’s huge. Make use of your community and join groups on Facebook and find time to network at community events. The more people who know about your business, the more business you’ll get. Don’t sell your product or service, talk about it. People don’t just buy goods and services, they buy solutions and stories.

13. Ask Becks Digital for help

We believe the key to success is to start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Make mistakes and learn from them. Grow and adapt with technology and customer expectations. If you haven’t got the time or confidence to achieve the points above, speak to Becks Digital and let us lighten your load!

If you’d like to chat to us about any of the above, please drop us an email on  or message us on our Facebook page!

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