Why should small businesses use Facebook?

There are over 1.4 billion active daily Facebook users worldwide, so why are so many small business not active on social media?

According to research by Clutch, 24% of small businesses have no social media presence whatsoever. Of course, many businesses survive without the use of social media, but if you’re looking to generate business leads and drive traffic to your website, then those 1.4 billion active daily users suggest that being online is pretty important.



What are the benefits?

1. Customer insight & targeted adverts

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of social media is the opportunity to gain a unique insight into your customers’ demographics, buying habits and hobbies which can then be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. How many other marketing platforms allow access to that data?

 2. Cheaper Marketing

Facebook advertising especially, comes at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing methods such direct mail (i.e. leaflet drops) and print marketing (newspaper and magazine advertising). For as little as £30, a small business can reach 18,000-20,000 Facebook users.

3. The ever-growing popularity of Facebook

If your target customer is on social media, your business should be too.

So why are so many small businesses ignoring the Facebook trend? Naturally, some business owners are hesitant or skeptical when it comes to adapting to new technologies and others are way too busy trying to juggle their day-to-day business life to spend time on social media. A large proportion probably don’t understand the platform enough to make good use of it, and another reason could be that sometimes it feels like there’s not much instant gratification, as it takes time and dedication to build your presence.

Where to start?

Despite the time constraints of using your Facebook page effectively for business, it’s evident from research that many small businesses without a social media presence are missing a huge opportunity. What can you do to embrace Facebook?

  • Setting up a Facebook page is the big first step
  • Make an effort to invest more in social media marketing this year
  • Get into the habit of posting something to Facebook most days, or assign someone to do it for you
  • Set yourself some goals, and stick to them
  • If Facebook isn’t working for your business, consider other sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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