Starting a business can be overwhelming, and people often procrastinate their business ideas because they don’t know where to begin.


I dreamed of starting my own business long before the Becks Digital launch date. It was only when I realised that I was generating exposure, leads and brand credibility for the companies I worked for that I began to wonder – if I have the knowledge and skillset to do this for other people – why can’t I do it for myself? And so it began.

I realised almost immediately that people in the small business world are busy. Very busy. So when I built Becks Digital it was with the vision that I could help business owners to do the things they don’t have the time for but I love; marketing, design, strategy, social media. And that’s pretty much what happened. I built a strategy, I implemented the strategy, and from day #1 Becks Digital began to grow.

People tend to focus on the things they’re good at, rather than the things they should get better at (especially when it comes to digital!) meaning that opportunities are often missed. My belief is that the majority of small businesses actually have really big potential, but sometimes they need a fresh pair of eyes and creative hands to give them the boost they need and that’s ultimately where we come in. It’s also how we acquired the strap line; bringing your business to life.

Becky Milburn, Director, Becks Digital

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